All My Love

My heart and head came to a consensus today with total agreement on moving on to something far better. I’m too good for him and I know that. I deserve so much better. It was like some serious infatuation that only became because I was getting some flirty attention. Right now I’m just in that stage where I’m so over it and I just want nothing to do with it anymore. At times like this, Taylor Swift is my role model. Beautiful, simple, and deep. However, I’ve got to get stronger. I think God gave me this whole drama-fest in my mind to teach me these lessons. I will not need to relearn this lesson because I was certainly paying attention. I’m not blaming him though because neither of us did anything wrong. What messed me up is expecting something that didn’t happen and I got upset. That isn’t love. I want to fall in love with my best friend. A man that loves me with all of his heart and isn’t afraid to talk with me. He loves being with me and will fight for me because he cares for me. I think that I am mature enough for a long-term, loving relationship but I am trusting God and His timing.

Looking forward to meeting the one who loves all of me all of the time. Someone I can trust with anything.

I love you.